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since 1993


We sell all your favorite name-brand perfumes at discounted prices. Can't find your favorite perfume that you've been wearing for the last 20 years in the department stores? Want to buy the latest name-brand perfume but don't want to pay high prices? Know you want to get that special someone a new scent but don't know which one to choose? You're in luck.

All of our perfumes and colognes are 100% authentic. We sell the same products as department stores but offer them at discounted prices, some even up to 70% off. Find discontinued and hard-to-find perfumes and colognes at our store. 

At Memphis Fragrance, we are committed to providing customers with the largest selection of name-brand perfumes and colognes in the city at a discounted price. We're always thinking about our customers and strive to make your experience as easy and enjoyable as possible.